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2. What did the Go/No-Go trials identify within the experiments?

  • The function of the corpus collosum
  • It identified that the candidates regions of the brain are differentially engaged
  • What each hemisphere's function is
  • The use of the inferior frontal gyrus

3. When particiapnts were 4 years old, what was true of low delayers?

  • They showed difficulty in suppressing their responses to happy faces than high delayers
  • They showed ease in suppressing their emotions towards happy faces than high delayers

4. What were the independant variables?

  • Hot and cool tasks
  • Reaction times
  • High and low delayers
  • Go/No-Go tasks

5. How many participants completed the original delay-of-gratification task when they were four?

  • 585
  • 562
  • 526
  • 520


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