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2. In exp.1 how long was the stimulus shown to participants for?

  • 500ms
  • 600ms
  • 50ms
  • 200ms

3. What parts of the brain were they studying?

  • Ventral Striatum and Frontal Lobe
  • Temporal Lobe and Hippocampus
  • Inferior Frontal Gyrus and Ventral Striatum
  • Inferior Frontal Gyrus and Amygdala

4. What were the independant variables?

  • Reaction times
  • High and low delayers
  • Hot and cool tasks
  • Go/No-Go tasks

5. What design was the experiments?

  • Two Go/No-Go tasks
  • Matched pairs
  • Repeated meausres design
  • Independant measures


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