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2. What was the outcome of the railway?

  • Brighton - London, between 1841 and 1881, population rose from 15,000 to 135,000
  • More cows got ran over
  • It became a wet place from all the steam in the atmosphere from the train

3. What's special about Brighton's industrial development?

  • It redeveloped itself, now a centre for tertiary and quaternary industries, people from media sector attracted there
  • Made the first chocolate bar
  • It employs more than 90,000 people yearly

4. What was the outcome of tourism?

  • People migrated to Brighton for jobs
  • People had to leave as it was too busy
  • They ran out of ice creams

5. What did Brighton initially become a village for?

  • Potential for fishing
  • Potential for mining
  • Potential for quarrying


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