Carrying oxygen and carbon dioxde

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1. Apart from dissolved in plasma and bound to proteins like Hb, how is CO2 carried in the blood?

  • As HCO3- ions, CO3- ions and H2CO3
  • As H2CO3 only
  • As HCO3- ions only
  • As HCO3- ions, CO3+ ions and H2CO3
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2. Which demonstrates sigmoid dependency on the substrate concentration?

  • Both
  • Haemoglobin
  • Myoglobin

3. What is the primary function of myoglobin?

  • A store of oxygen that can rapidly unload O2 as soon as exercise begins
  • A store of oxygen that only releases O2 in very low pO2 conditions
  • An oxygen transporter that works alongside Haemoglobin

4. What effect does increasing temperature have on Hb?

  • It reduces the affinity for O2
  • It increases the affinity for O2

5. What is the prosthetic group of Haemoglobin?

  • The haem group
  • Distal histidine
  • The Fe2+ ion
  • Proximal histidine


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