Carrying oxygen and carbon dioxde

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1. Why does foetal Hb have a higher O2 affinity at lower pO2?

  • Foetal Hb is not affected by any negative allosteric inhibitors
  • BPG binds less tightly to foetal Hb
  • Foetal Hb is generally more stable in the oxy form
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2. What is the primary function of myoglobin?

  • A store of oxygen that can rapidly unload O2 as soon as exercise begins
  • A store of oxygen that only releases O2 in very low pO2 conditions
  • An oxygen transporter that works alongside Haemoglobin

3. Where is BPG commonly found?

  • Erythrocytes
  • Metabolizing tissues
  • The lungs

4. When is myoglobin's affinity for O2 at its lowest?

  • In very low O2 levels
  • In very high O2 levels

5. What is the structure of adult Hb?

  • 2alpha, 2beta
  • 2alpha, 2gamma
  • 2beta, 2gamma


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