Cardiovascular and respiratory system

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1. What is the function of the pleural fluid?

  • Provides surface tension and lubrication
  • Keeps alveoli moist
  • Lubrication only
  • Keeps lungs and bronchioles moist
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2. What do the Purkinje fibres stimulate?

  • The sinoatrial node
  • Myocardium of the heart wall
  • The aorta

3. What is special about the inner epithelium of the trachea?

  • It is keratinised
  • It is ciliated
  • It is folded to allow expansion

4. At what point does the trachea bifurcate into the bronchi?

  • The level of the second rib
  • Just as it enters the mediastinum
  • The level of the fifth rib
  • Above the diaphragm

5. What is a ventricular diastole?

  • Contraction of the ventricles, forcing blood into the major blood vessels
  • Relaxation of the ventricles, allowing blood in from the atria
  • Relaxation of the ventricles, closing the atrioventricular valves


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