Carbon and Nitrogen cycle

The carbon cycle, Glabal warming, the nitrogen cycle and nitrogen fertalisers. 

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1. Which of these doesn't increase crop yield?

  • Removing pests
  • Fertiliser
  • Music
  • Ploughing fields to add oxygen
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2. Why is the green house effect good?

  • Traps warmth
  • Keeps in oxygen and other gases
  • Protects us from the sun

3. Where is methane formed?

  • Plants during photosynthesis
  • Intestines of primary consumers
  • Cows

4. True or false. Denitrifying bacteria are aerobic?

  • False
  • True

5. What happens after plants die of Eutrophication?

  • Anerobic respiration
  • Saprobionts break down plants using oxygen
  • Leaching


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