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2. what time of reaction forms a disaccharide molecule?

  • metabolic
  • anabolic
  • condensation
  • hydrolysis

3. what are 3 carbon monosaccharides known as?

  • Fructose Sugars
  • Pentose Sugars
  • Triose sugars
  • Hexose Sugars

4. What is the name ofthe bond formed between two monosaccharides to produce a disaccharide?

  • Glycosidic Bond
  • disulfide bond
  • Hydrogen bond
  • covalent bond

5. What is the molecular formular for a triose sugar?

  • C3 H6 O3
  • C6 H12 O6
  • C3 O4 H12
  • C3 H4 O3


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