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1. Why did she refuse an offer to sing at the met early in her career?

  • She did not want to sing in English and thought she was too fat to sings Butterfly.
  • She was not willing to sing for the amount of money they were offering
  • She was only planning on staying in America briefly
  • She had a contract elsewhere
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2. Who called her the "bible of opera"?

  • L. Bernstein
  • Tito Gobbi
  • H. von Karajan
  • Queen Elizabeth II

3. Who was Madame Biki?

  • She designed a lot of Callas's clothes
  • She was Callas's sister
  • She was a rival soprano
  • She was Verdi's grand-daughter and worked with Maria

4. Who sung Alfredo with Callas, at Covent Garden in 1958?

  • C. Valletti
  • A. Kraus
  • G. di Stefano
  • N. Gedda

5. In 1953 she made a legendary recording of which opera?

  • Tosca
  • Norma
  • Salome
  • Rigoletto


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