Caesar's Second Invasion to Britain

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54 BC
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Caesar learned...?
From his mistakes, and prepared better: boats with shallower hulls for landing; 2000 cavalry; 5 legions.
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800; many were merchant ships he'd invited along. To have a more intimidating landing.
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Strategy was more...?
Aggressive- marched inland after disembarkment.
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Hid in a hillfort. Romans used superior tactics to fill in the ditch surrounding the fort- overran it.
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During a storm...?
40 or 800 ships were wrecked. Caesar pulled them ashore; built landfort around them.
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Britons united under...?
Cassivellaunus of Cautevellauni (most powerful tribe: still held supremacy in 43 AD).
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Britons met the Romans...?
On a ford. Used chariots but were defeated, driven back towards Thames.
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Britons adopted a...?
'Scorched earth' policy as they went to starve out the Romans.
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Cassivellaunus dismissed...?
His infantry and retained 5000 chariots- harassed Caesar with guerrilla warfare.
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Britons attempted...?
To make a stand at the Thames, but were scared away by Caesar's 'war elephant.'
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British unity...?
Began to fall apart. Trinovantes, and allies: Cenimagni, Segontiaci, Ancalites, Bibroci and Cassi went to Romans.
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Trinovantes told...?
Caesar where Cassivellaunus' stronnghold was. Romans gathered around it.
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Tried to attack, but failed and surrendered.
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Was rebelling again, so Caesar had to leave.
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Caesar was therefore...?
Lenient with Cassivellaunus- warned him not to harm Mandubracius of Trinovantes.
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Caesar took...?
Hostages, but no booty (Cicero's letters).
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Tacitus said...?
Caesar merely "pointed out, rather than bequeathed, Britain to Rome."
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