Ca Va?

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J'ai mal a l'estomac.
I have a stomach ache.
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Je suis enrhume.
I have a cold.
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J'ai la grippe.
I have the flu.
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J'ai une extintion de voix.
I have lost my voice.
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J'ai soif.
I'm thirsty.
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J'ai faim.
I'm hungry.
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J'ai chaud.
I'm hot.
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J'ai froid.
I'm cold.
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J'ai mal a la tete.
I have a head ache.
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Ca va bien.
I'm good.
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Ca va mal.
I'm bad.
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Ca va bof.
I'm ok.
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Je suis malade.
I'm ill.
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J'ai casse...
I've broken my...
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Je suis fatigue(e)
I'm tired.
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Je suis triste.
I'm sad.
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Je suis contente.
I'm happy.
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Card 2


Je suis enrhume.


I have a cold.

Card 3


J'ai la grippe.


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Card 4


J'ai une extintion de voix.


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Card 5


J'ai soif.


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