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2. What is the most reactive element in Group 2?

  • Potassium
  • Barium
  • Calcium
  • Berylium

3. Group 2 Hydroxides react with water to...

  • Form a solution of a metal hydroxide
  • Form an oxide and water
  • Form a Hydroxide solution and Hydrogen
  • Form a Hydroxide and an Oxide

4. What is the trend in Thermal Decomposition for Group 2 Carbonates?

  • They become more difficult to Decompose
  • They become less difficult to decompose

5. What is produced when a Group 2 element reacts with Water?

  • Group 2 Oxides and Hydrogen
  • Group 2 Oxides and Water
  • Group 2 Hydroxides and Hydrogen
  • Group 2 Hydroxides and Water


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