C4 The Periodic Table

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1. Why did Mendeleev leave gaps in The Periodic Table?

  • It looks better organised the way it is
  • For undiscovered elements
  • It was the only way to group the elements correctly
  • He wasn't sure what to put in
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2. What are octaves?

  • a type of element
  • undiscovered elements
  • elements arranged into groups of eight
  • elements arranged into eight groups

3. What is the name of a column of elements on the periodic table?

  • Column
  • Row
  • Group
  • Period

4. Which of the number on each element of the periodic table is the Relative Atomic Mass?

  • Number above the letter
  • Number below the letter
  • Both of them
  • It could be either

5. What is the name of a row of elements on the table?

  • Column
  • Period
  • Row
  • Group


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