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Based on the grade booster checklists in my revision guide.

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1. Which three scientists contributed to the Periodic Table?

  • Döbereiner, Haber, and Mendeleev
  • Döbereiner, Newlands, and Mendeleev
  • Einstein, Newlands, and Mendeleev
  • Döbereiner, Newlands, and Newton
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2. What do halogens contain?

  • Oxygen
  • The secrets of the universe
  • Diatomic molecules
  • Only 7 electrons

3. What does the proton number tell us?

  • What group it is in
  • The atomic mass
  • The number of electrons
  • What it reacts with

4. When are negative ions formed?

  • When atoms gain electrons
  • When atoms lose electrons
  • When atoms are told that they look ugly
  • When an atom reacts with another atom

5. What happens to halogens as you go down the group?

  • They have a larger atomic mass
  • They get less reactive
  • They get more reactive
  • They have a lower atomic mass


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