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2. Growth and decay functions are

  • y=Ae^-k
  • y=Ae^kt or y=Ae^-kt
  • y=Ae^t

3. The natural log is...

  • a reflection of y=e^x in the line y=x
  • a reflection of y=e^x in the x axis
  • a reflection of y=e^x in the y axis

4. In an equation

  • ln and e turn in to e
  • ln and e cancel out each other
  • ln and e make 10

5. e=...

  • 2.956....
  • 2.718...
  • 3.14...



The questions were challenging, however question 3 should be asking for the range (f(x) values) which is f(x)>0 and not the domain (x values)

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