C3 The Periodic Table Quiz

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1. Why are the more reactive elements higher up in group 7?

  • The electrons are closer to the nucleus, stronger forces, easier to gain an electron.
  • The electrons are further from the nucleus, meaning there is a weaker attraction so it is easy to lose an electron.
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2. Properties of group 7 elements

  • Low density, not very reactive, react covalently
  • React with metals to produce ionic compounds
  • High density, highly reactive, react ionically with non-metals

3. How where the elements arranged in the early periodic table?

  • Randomly
  • By the number of electrons
  • By atomic mass
  • By atomic number

4. Why are the alkali metals stored in oil?

  • They would ignite in air
  • They are highly reactive with water
  • They are highly reactive with oil

5. Why was Newlands idea not accepted?

  • Was not a respected scientist
  • Did not work after calcium
  • Didn't leave any gaps


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