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2. What would be the result of a sulphate test?

  • Yellow Iodine sulphate would form
  • Cream Chlorine sulphate would form
  • White Barium sulphate precipitate would form
  • Carbon dioxide would be produced (turns limewater cloudy)

3. What is the test for CO2 ( do test to see if CO2 was produced in the last reaction)

  • reacts with water to form CaO
  • limewater turns cloudy
  • Has a distinctive choking smell
  • White precipitate forms when reacted with barium chloride

4. How would you test a substance to see if it contains a carbonate ion?

  • Add silver nitrate solution (and dilute nitric acid)
  • React with dilute acid
  • Add sodium hydroxide
  • Flame test

5. What would a carbonate produce when reacted with dilute acid?

  • Water and Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon dioxide and calcium oxide
  • Carbon dioxide and Limestone
  • Water and limestone


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