C2E: Manufacturing Chemicals and Making Ammonia

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1. What is an advantage to low temperature? (In The Haber Process)

  • Helps keep nitrogen for longer.
  • Increases the yield
  • Decreases the waste
  • Decreases the yield
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2. What happens to the reactant gases that are not used up? (In The Haber Process)

  • Left
  • Recycled.
  • Used to make fireworks
  • Buried under ground

3. What is an advantage to high pressure? (In The Haber Process)

  • Increases yield.
  • Decreases amount of nitrogen.
  • Decreases temperature.
  • Decreases yield.

4. What is the compromised pressure? (In The Haber Process)

  • 100 atmosphere
  • 200 atmosphere
  • 400 atmosphere
  • 260 atmosphere

5. Why are fertilisers important?

  • They make the plants for colourful and appealing.
  • They help kill any unwanted weeds.
  • They help produce enough food for the growing world population.
  • They help to produce healthier plants.


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