C2E: Manufacturing Chemicals and Making Ammonia

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1. Why are optimum conditions not used?

  • Can Cause 1000 explosions per minute.
  • Earth's atmosphere cannot withstand them.
  • Very expensive to maintain and the equipment is very expensive.
  • Very cheap to maintain but very expensive equipment.
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2. What are the compromised conditions in The Haber Process?

  • Temperature= 610 degrees, Pressure = 300 atmosphere, catalyst of glass.
  • Temperature= 450 degrees, Pressure = 200 atmosphere, catalyst of iron.
  • Temperature= 200 degrees, Pressure = 450 atmosphere, catalyst of copper

3. What happens to the reactant gases that are not used up? (In The Haber Process)

  • Used to make fireworks
  • Left
  • Recycled.
  • Buried under ground

4. Is the reaction Reversible or Irreversible? (Ammonia reaction)

  • Some times reversible, sometimes not.
  • Reversible
  • Irreversible

5. What is ammonia made from?

  • Nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen and Nitrogen.
  • Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen


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