C2- Rates and energy

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1. What is an Exothermic reaction?

  • A reaction where heat energy is given out
  • A reaction where heat energy is taken in
  • A reaction where gas is given off
  • A reaction where the reactants are used up
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2. A successful collision is one in which:

  • Particles bounce off each other
  • Enough energy is transferred for particles to react
  • Enough energy is transferred for particles to bounce off each other
  • The particles hit each other

3. Which of the following statements about collisions is correct?

  • Only fast-moving particles collide with each other
  • Reactions can happen if the colliding particles have enough energy
  • All colliding particles have the same amount of energy
  • Collisions only happen if there is heat

4. What is the minimum amount of energy required for a reaction called?

  • Catalyst energy
  • Minimum energy
  • Activation Energy
  • Reactor energy

5. What happens when the surface area of a solid is increased?

  • The reaction expands
  • The rate of reaction increases
  • No change
  • The rate of reaction decreases


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