C2 Chemical resources

1. Which raw materials are used in cement?

  • Clay and limestone
  • Sand
  • Clay and sand
  • Limestone and gravel
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2. Are crystals bigger or smaller when igneous rocks cool quickly?

  • Bigger e.g. granite
  • Bigger e.g. rhyolite
  • Smaller e.g. basalt
  • Smaller e.g. gabbro

3. Why can't the temperature be too high in the Haber process?

  • The percentage yield will be too high
  • The atom economy will increase
  • The ammonia will begin to break down
  • It will cost too much

4. What is produced when an acid and a base react?

  • Salt and carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide and water
  • Salt and water
  • Carbon dioxide and water

5. Which two materials rust?

  • Zinc and aluminuim
  • Iron and steel
  • Iron and tin
  • Aluminium and steel


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