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2. How were oceans formed?

  • It rained constantly and filled the oceans
  • Chemical reactions took place which made water
  • Water vapour cooled and condensed
  • Water came up from the ground

3. How is carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere?

  • Not possible to remove it
  • Dissolved into the air
  • Dissolved in oceans, trapped in sedimentary rocks / photosynthesis
  • Taken out by cars

4. What do catalytic converters remove from exhust fumes?

  • Nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide
  • Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen monoxide
  • Sulfur monoxides and carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen oxides and water vapour

5. In limited air, what does coal burn to form?

  • Sulfur monoxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrogen carbonate
  • Carbon dioxide


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