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C1P1/1.Give ads about limestone quarrying
-provides jobs,large demand for it = lots of money
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C1P1/2. Give disads about limestone quarrying
-noise, pollution, ugly, trasnposrting rocks from quarries=traffic & fossil fuels, take up land
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C1P1/3. State the limecycle
CaCo3+heat=CaO + H2O=CA[OH]2+MORE H2O=CA[OH]2+CO2=CaCO3
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C1P1/4.How do companies have to extract copper now?
-From low grade ores that contain little copper
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C1P1/5.What are benefits of this?
-As there is a large demand for copper, profits are still made
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C1P1/6.What are the disad?
-Extracting copper this was produces large amount of waste product which damages the environment
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C1P1/7.What are 2 ways you can extract copper from low grade ores?
Phytomining and Bioleaching
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C1P1/8.What is phytomining?
-Involves planting certain plants on low-grade copper ores. -Plant absorb copper compounds -Burning the plants produces ash that is rich in copper compounds
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C1P1/9.What happens in electrolysis? [basic]
The negative electrode is made of pure copper. Impure copper forms the positive electrode. During electrolysis, positive copper ions move to the negative electrode. Waste material forms to the bottom
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C1P1/10.What is in crude oil?
-Crude oil contains many different hydrocarbons therefore it is a mixture
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C1P1/11.What are hyrdrocarbons?
-They are compounds made up of hydrogen and carbon only
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C1P1/12.How can the hydrocarbons in crude oil be extracted?
By using fractions [fractional distilation]
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C1P1/13.What is a fraction?
-A fraction is a mixture of hydrocarbons with similar numbers of carbon and similar boiling points
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C1P1/14.List the method of fractional distillation
-Crude oil is heated to about 450C and then it evaporates being turned into a gas.-The gas enters the fractioning column and rises up. -As it rises, different fractions condense to form liquids again at different levels-Larger molecule&viscous= >temp
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C1P1/15.What are alkanes? What does this mean?
Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons therfore their carbon atoms are joined together by single covalent bonds
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C1P1/16.What is the general formula for alkanes?
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C1P1/17.What is the formula for: Methane and Ethane?
CH4 and C2H6
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C1P1/18.How is CO2 and sulfur dixoide dangerous?
C02- Is greenhouse gas so increases global warmin and climate change -Sulfur dixiode produces acid rain
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C1P1/19. What does global warming cause?
Climate change and melting of polar ice caps
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C1P1/20. Acid rain has many environmental impacts. What are they?
-Makes lakes more acidic -Acid rain dissolves soil nutrients -Damages limestone buildings
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C1P1/21. Why is Carbon monoxide dangerous?
It is invisible, poisonous, toxic
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C1P1/22.How is Carbon monoxide produced?
If too little air is being supplied, incomplete combustion happens.
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C1P1/23. What is incomplete combustion?
-Poor supply of O2-Carbon monoxide, water and carbon is produced
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C1P1/24. Whats is complete combustion?
-Good supply of O2 -CO2 and H2O is produced
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C1P1/25. What is carbon neutral?
Describes a fuel that absorbs as much as carbon dioxide when it is made as it gives out when it burns
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C1P1/2. Give disads about limestone quarrying


-noise, pollution, ugly, trasnposrting rocks from quarries=traffic & fossil fuels, take up land

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C1P1/3. State the limecycle


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C1P1/4.How do companies have to extract copper now?


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C1P1/5.What are benefits of this?


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