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What are the properties of a metal?
-Sonorous , ductile, solids, magnetic, good conductors of heat and electricity and malleable.
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Where are metals found?
Earth's Crust
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What is a metal ore?
A rock that contains a lot of a type of metal in it
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What is displacement?
A more reactive metal would displace the less reactive
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What is carbon more reactive than?
Copper, lead, iron and zinc
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What is the process of smelting?
1) Roasting 2)Reduction 3) Fluxes
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What are the uses of iron?
Watch, cutlery, Earth's core
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What is the iron's ore?
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What raw materials are needed to extract iron?
Carbon- coke, limestone and air.
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What happens when they combine together?
Carbon and oxygen is produced- carbon monoxide
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What can form when iron oxide and carbon monoxide react?
Carbon dioxide and molten iron
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How is **** made?
When hot air is added to the furnace
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What is an alloy?
Two metals or more that combine together
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Why are alloys made?
To make metals harder
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What are smart alloys?
An alloy that remembers their shape
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How are alloys different to metals?
They are irregular, more spaced and the layers cannot slide over eachother
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How is iron extracted?
Through a blast furnace ( cast iron)
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What does it contain?
96% impure iron and 4% carbon and other impurities
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What is the ore of copper?
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What is electrolysis?
Running an electric current through an electrolyte.
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Electrolyte is...
Solution containing ions that conduct electricity
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Where does the impure copper go?
To the anode
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Where does the pure copper go?
To cathode
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What happens to the anode?
It starts to dissolve
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What happens to the cathode?
It is coated with copper, gets bigger
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What are aluminium's properties?
low density, strong,good electrical and heat conductor
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What is aluminium used for?
Overhead power lines, aircraft bodies
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What are titanium's properties?
heavy weight, resistant to corrosion, high mp
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What is titanium used for?
Rockets and hip replacements
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Remember that Panic means
Positive Anode Negative Is Cathode
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What is aluminium's ore?
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What about titanium's ore?
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How would you extract titanium?
first convert it to tetrachloride, react with magnesium
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What is open-cast mining?
It is when you move mountains which leaves holes and creates mountains of waste rock elsewhere.
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What are finite resources?
When something runs out but cannot be replaced
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What is bioleaching?
Uses less electricity and produces no waste gases. It's when bacteria grow on ores and the solution is extracted through electrolysis or displacement
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What is phytomining?
Burning plants that leave ash and contain copper. It's extracted by electrolysis.
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What is a catalytic converter?
Carbon monoxide -> Carbon Dioxide
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Where are metals found?


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What is a metal ore?


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What is displacement?


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