Chemistry 1 Topic 5


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1. What are the 2 extra product produced by incomplete combustion?

  • Carbon and Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon and Methane
  • Carbon Monoxide and Methane
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2. An unsaturated hydrocarbon is where they....

  • Have sprare bonds
  • Have no spare bonds

3. Name the correct disadvantage of using fuel cells

  • A lot of energy is lost during the reaction
  • Hydrogen takes up a lot of space and is explosive so dangerous to store
  • They produce lots of pollutants

4. What is biogas made from?

  • microorganisms
  • Sugar

5. What is the definition of cracking?

  • The splitting up of long chain hydrocarbons
  • The bonding of short chain hydrocarbons
  • The splitting up of short chain hydrocarbons
  • The bonding of long chain hydrocarbons


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