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2. Wha are the benefits of using polytetrafluoroethene (PTFE) for cooking pans?

  • Its flame resistant and conducts electricity
  • It's flame resistant and unreactive
  • It conducts electricity and is malluable

3. Which of these are effects of acid rain?

  • Lakes become acidic, trees are killed, damages limestone buildings
  • Lake become acidic, flooding, damages granite buildings
  • Flooding, trees are killed, turns animals to stone

4. Themass of fuel burned is the same as the...

  • Energy content per gram
  • Engergy content per ml

5. Which 3 gases are greenhouse gases?

  • Methane, water vapour and sulfur dioxide
  • Carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour
  • Carbon dioxide, methane and sulfur dioxide
  • Carbon dioxide, water vapour and sulfur dioxide


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