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1. what are alkanes?

  • Chains of hydrocarbons, saturated with no double bonds
  • Chains of hydrocarbons, saturated with double bonds
  • Chains of hydrocarbons, unsaturated with no double bonds.
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2. How does bio-leaching extract copper?

  • bacteria gets energy from bonds between copper and sulfur.
  • the bacteria uses their energy from respiration.

3. How can you test for alkenes?

  • Bromine water turns from orange to colourless
  • Water goes cloudy because of the carbon dioxide

4. what does electrolysis mean?

  • splitting up with electricity
  • removing particles with electricity
  • changing charge of atoms with electricity
  • purifying using electricity

5. How do you make cement?

  • Powered limestone and clay
  • crushed rocks, clay and water


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