C1 Limestone

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what is an element
substances that consist of one type of atom
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what is ionic bonding
loss or gain of electrons
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what is covalent bonding
sharing of electrons
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what is a compound
two or more elements chemically bonded together
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what is a mixture
two or more elements which are not chemically bonded together
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what happens to the properties of the elements in a compound
they change
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what does limestone mainly consist of
calcium carbonate
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what can blocks of limestone be used for
building eg cathedrals
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what is created when CaCO3 is heated
calcium oxide+ carbon dioxide
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what is this process called
thermal decomposition
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do all other carbonates react this way
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why cant some of these be carried out in a school lab
bunsen burner cannot reach a high enough temperature to thermally decompose some carbonates
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what is created when an acid is added to the metal Carbonate
salt + CO2 + H20
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what is formed when water is added to calcium oxide
calcium hydroxide
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what is a use for this product
neutralise acidic soil in fields
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why is this better than powdered limestone
calcium hydroxide works much faster
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what is the solution of calcium hydroxide called and a use of it
limewater, bubble gas through it and if it turns cloudy CO2 is present
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go through the lime cycle
limestone > heated > quicklime > water added > slaked lime > carbonated > limestone
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how do you make cement
powdered limestone and powdered clay are heated in a kiln
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how do you make mortar
cement mixed with sand and water
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what can you add to mortar
calcium hydroxide
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how do you make concrete
mix cement with sand and aggregate (water and gravel)
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disadvantages for quarrying limestone
huge ugly holes which permanently chnage the landscape,lots of noise and dust,destroys habitats,need to be transported away so noise and pollution,waste materials produce unsightly tips
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disadvantages of processing limestone
cement factories make a lot of dust reuslting in breathing problems, energy is needed to produce cement and quicklime which comes from burning fossil fuels
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examples of limestone products
building materials, dyes, paints, medicines, neutralise sulfur dioxide which causes acid rain
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advantages of quarrying limestone
provides jobs which bring money to the local economy, landscaping and restoration of the area is done afterwards
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advantages for using limestone for buliding
cheap, hard-wearing, attractive, do not rot, cant be gnawed away by animals doesnt corrode, fire resistant
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