C1: carbon chemistry

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1. how do we extract crude oil?

  • pump it up from the bottom of lakes
  • **** it out of the earths crust
  • pump it to the surface from the earths crust
  • scrape of off the earths surface
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2. what can be broken down into smaller useful alkanes and alkenes

  • hydrocarbons
  • alkenes
  • alkanes
  • alkanes and alkenes

3. crude oil is a mixture of what?

  • polymers
  • alkenes
  • hydrocarbons
  • monocarbons

4. hydrocarbon molecules can be described as what?

  • alkanes and alkenes
  • alkenes and halogens
  • polymers and polypropanes
  • alkanes and naptha

5. what mixture of butane and propane is released at the top?

  • liquified petroleum gas
  • liquified palonium gasoline
  • liquified propane solution
  • liquified pethanol oil


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