1. What happens to the flammability of a fraction when it becomes less viscous?

  • Who cares? Set it on fire!
  • Lower Flammability
  • Higher Flammability
  • Same Flammability
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2. What do the rows tell you on the Periodic Table?

  • Its period
  • Its electronic structure
  • Its group
  • Its wealth

3. How do you extract metals from ores?

  • With a hammer and chisel
  • Electrolysis and Extraction
  • Electrolysis or Reduction
  • Blow it up and hope for the best

4. What is the electronic structure of an atom?

  • 2,4,4,18
  • 2,4,6,16
  • 2,8,8,18
  • 2,4,4,8

5. As you go up the fractionating column, the hydrocarbons have?

  • Lower boiling points
  • Higher boiling points
  • High expectations
  • The same boiling point as the ones below


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