Business Structures

This is a quiz about the different structures of business.

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1. Which of the following could be a problem for a partnership?

  • The Partners each invest and thus raise more capital
  • The partners share unlimited liability
  • The partners could differ in their opinion about how the business should be run
  • The partners have a variety of skills
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2. What does unlimited liability mean?

  • Should the business go bankrupt, the owner could lose personal possessions to pay off debts
  • Should the business go bankrupt, the owner will only lose what they have invested in their business
  • The owner has unlimited choice over everything they do
  • The business is liable to the Government

3. Which of these is not a benefit of being a Sole Proprietor?

  • Making all the business decisions
  • Unlimited Liability
  • Being your own boss
  • Deciding what to do with all the profit

4. What is the name of the legal document that partners can have drawn up to protect themselves?

  • Partnership Agreement
  • Deed of Partnership
  • Deal of Partnership
  • Contract of Employment

5. Why might a new business start as a Private Limted Company rather than a Sole Proprietor or Partnership?

  • The owners will raise more capital by selling shares on the stock market
  • The owners can buy bigger premises
  • Despite the more complex and costly paperwork, the owners will be classed as a seperate legal entity to the business
  • Despite the complex and costly paperwork, the owners will have unlimited liability


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