Business Formulas (BUSS1 & BUSS2)

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Breakeven Point
Fixed Costs/Contribution per unit
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Contribution per unit
Price - Variable Cost per unit
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Total Contribution
Total Revenue - Total Variable Cost
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Margin of Safety
Current Output - Breakeven Output
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Market Size
Total sales of all products by all firms
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Market Share
Sales of one business/Total business sales (x100)
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Market Growth
Change of Sales overtime/Original Market Size
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Capacity Utilisation
Current Output/Maximum Possible Output
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Price Elasticity of Demand
%Change in quantity demanded/%change in price x 10
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Unit Cost
Total Costs/Output
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Net Profit Margin
Net Profit/Sales (x100)
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Return on Capital
Net Profit/Capital Invested (x100)
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Net Profit
Total Sales - Total Costs
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Labour Productivity
Output per period/Number of Employees at work
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Labour Turnover
Number of Employees leaving/Average Number Employed (x100)
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Number of days off/Total Days worked by workforce (x100)
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Percentage Change
Difference/Old (x100)
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Contribution per unit


Price - Variable Cost per unit

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Total Contribution


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Margin of Safety


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Market Size


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The odd small mistake but overall good resource.

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