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Start-up Costs
The amount of money spend before it starts trading
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Operating Costs
Money spent on a regular basis to keep a business running
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Money which paid into a business
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Fixed Cost
Expenditure on items which does not change with the numbers of items sold or produced
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Variable Cost
Costs which vary according to the items sold or produced
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Total Cost
The total amount of money spent running a business over a certain period of time
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Money that a business spends
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The everyday running cost of the business
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Occurs when revenue is more than expenditure
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Occurs when expenditure is more than revenue
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Planning future expenditure and revenue targets with the aim of ensuring a profit is made
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Budgeting Control
The process of checking what is actually happening, comparing this with the plan and taking action if thing aren't correct
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Cash Inflow
The amounts of money entering a business's bank account
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Cash Outflow
The amounts of money leaving a business's bank account
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Net Cash Flow
The difference between the cash inflow and outflow over a particular time period
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Cash Balance
The amount of money forecast to be in the bank account after the net cash flow forecast has been added or subtracted from the existing bank balance
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This occurs if a business pays more out of its bank account than it has in credit. The bank may allow this but will make an extra charge
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Money spent by the business on items which should last a long time
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Cost Of Sales
The cost of producing a product
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Gross Profit
The money made from selling a product after the cost of producing that product has been deducted
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Net Profit
The money made from selling a product after all costs have been deducted from the gross profit
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Financial Year
The trading period over which is a business collects information for their annual income statement
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Items that a business buys that normally lasts a long time, such as a van or a computer, or money that is owed
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People who owe money to a business for goods or services they have recieved
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Amounts of money which a business owes
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Share Capital
The amount of money invested in the business by their shareholders
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Working Capital
Money the business can raise quickly which is calculated by deducting the current liability
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Money that has been saved from previous profitable years
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Revenue (income)
Money earned by a business from selling goods or providing services
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The point where income and expenditure are equal
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Margin Of Safety
The amount by which sales would have to fall to reach the break-even point
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Cash Forecast
A plan showing predicted inflows and outflows of cash for a business
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Income Statement
A document that shows the revenue and expenses for a year and is used to calculate profit
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Balance Sheet
A document that shows what a business is worth
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Net Assets
The total assets minus liabilities for a business. This is what the business is worth
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Operating Costs


Money spent on a regular basis to keep a business running

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Fixed Cost


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Variable Cost


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