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1. Which of the following is a key enterprise skill?

  • The willingness to employee employees
  • The willingness to follow a course of business studies
  • A willingness to take initiative
  • The ability to raise finance
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2. Hows a way to compete in the market with competitors

  • Having a fight
  • Better product features
  • Stealing money
  • selling a product they sell

3. What is a method of reducing costs ?

  • Cheaper labour costs
  • Train employees better
  • Being more competitive
  • Gaining more employees

4. Which is a short term source of finance?

  • Leasing
  • Trade credit
  • Share capital
  • Bank loan

5. What is a Quotas

  • Putting a limit on on the number of imports
  • a type of renewable energy
  • Giving money to other countries to improve the imports
  • A tax


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