business unit 1 calculations

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break even
fixed costs/(price-v.c)
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margin of safety
current volume- break even point
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total costs
total fixed costs + total variable costs
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total contribution
total revenue- total variable costs
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contribution per unit
selling price per unit- variable cost per unit
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return on capital
capital/ capital investedx100
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price elasticity
% of change in quantity needed/ % change in price X 100
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market share
sales of product/ total sales in market X 100
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closing balance
opening balance + net cash flow
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net cash flow
cash inflows - cash outflows
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profit budget
expected income X expected expenditure
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income budget
expected sales X selling price per unit
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expenditure budget
expected cost per unit X quantity
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market size
size of market + growth
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total revenue- total costs
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unit cost
total cost/ quantity sold
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margin of safety


current volume- break even point

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total costs


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total contribution


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contribution per unit


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