Business Studies AS Key Words

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1. which is a market that sells products only a small amount of people would want to buy?

  • consumerist market
  • rhetoric market
  • niche market
  • mass market
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2. what means 'having the same meaning of another word or phrase'?

  • superfluous
  • antithetical
  • synonymous
  • rhetoric

3. what is the type of business that provides goods and services to other businesses called?

  • mass
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • niche

4. what is the process of anticipating, identifying, and satisfying customer requirements profitably called?

  • marketing
  • consumerism
  • market share
  • marketing strategy

5. which is a market that sells products the majority of people can afford and want to buy?

  • superfluous market
  • strategy market
  • mass market
  • niche market


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