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1. Which correctly describes primary research?

  • Finding out peoples opinion on already-existing products.
  • Collecting new data that has not been found before.
  • Collecting data from online sights and books.
  • Finding out about pre-existing data and making it more up to date.
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2. Where would be the most suitable place to sell an 'Adidas' hoodie?

  • In a place largely populated by teenagers.
  • In a busy city, largely populated by the elderly.
  • In a place largely populated by the elderly.
  • In a small, remote village.

3. What is the best way for a company to decide who their target market will be?

  • Guess and pick randomly who will be most attracted.
  • Create a detailed customer profile.
  • Ask people in the street detailed questions.

4. What would be the quickest, cheapest and most effective way for finding out peoples opinion on a new product?

  • Focus groups
  • Interviewing people face-to-face
  • Online quizzes
  • Handing out written quizzes

5. What is market segmentation?

  • 'Segmenting' the market into groups of people with similair lifestyles.
  • 'Segmenting' the market into people who work in the same industry.
  • 'Segmenting' the market into groups with the same needs and wants.
  • 'Segmenting' the market into people who look the same.


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