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State the 3 types of Injections .
Investment, Government Spending and Exports
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State the 3 types of Leakages .
Savings,Taxes and Imports
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Define the Circular Flow of Income .
A model of the economy which shows the flow of goods,services and factors and their payments around the economy.
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Define GDP.
GDP(Gross Domestic Product) is the total value of everything produced by all the people and companies in the country - per capita.
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Define GNP.
GNP(Gross National Product) is the value of all goods and services made by a countries residents and businesses regardless of production location.
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Define GNI.
GNI(Gross National Income) is the sum of a countries GDP+net income received from overseas.
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What are two ways to measure inflation ?
CPI(Consumer Price Index) and RPI (Retail Price Index)
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Two factors that affect AS .
Rise in the wage rates in the economy and a change in the costs of raw materials.
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Define Recession .
At least two consecutive quarters of declining GDP growth.
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Define Depression.
Prolonged recession . It could last for months and years.
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State four features of Managment Theory X .
lazy, do not enjoy work, work only for money and require strong leadership
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State four features of Managment Theory Y.
productive, hard-working , enjoy work , their primary motivator is not money
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What are the four stages of the Ansoff Matrix?
Product Development , Market Development , Market Penetration and Differentiation.
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State possible problems of Franchising .
Loss of control, Not all profits are returned to the franchisor and Possibility of diseconomies of scale.
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What is Rationalisation ?
Rationalisation is the downsizing the scale of the business by closing branches or selling parts of the business delayering.
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What is Reshoring ?
Reshoring is the act of reinforcing domestic manufacturing to a country.
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What is Outsourcing ?
The practice of using the service of an external organisation e.g cleaning firm to carry out a business function or a task .
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State 3 Qualitative influences on Investment Appraisal .
The impact on Employees . The product quality and service. The business brand image and reputation .
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What are the four qualitative forecasting methods ?
Brainstorming , Intuition , Expert Opinion and Delphi Method
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State four features of market penetration .
Low risk , Knowledge on the market and the existing product , Low Potential Reward and Low expenditure on market research
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State the 3 types of Leakages .


Savings,Taxes and Imports

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Define the Circular Flow of Income .


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Define GDP.


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Define GNP.


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