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2. what does collins show about tresspassers ?

  • you are not a trespasser if you have consent
  • you are a trespasser as soon as you enter a building

3. 9 (1) ( b) what is the mens rea ?

  • dishonesty - ghosh test
  • knowledge or recklessness as to his entering as a trespasser , MR for theft or gbh and MR is formed after entering the building
  • MR for theft and gbh

4. What is the mens rea of burglary ?

  • intention to steal , inflict gbh or damage building
  • knowledge or recklessness as to his entering as a tresspasser - cunningham , with intent to commit theft , gbh or damge and intent before entering
  • knowledge and recklessness as to entering as a trespasser

5. what is the actus reus of 9 (1) (a) ?

  • enters building
  • theft
  • enters - ryan ,building or part of - walkington, as a tresspasser - jones and smith and AR of theft
  • enters building as trespasser


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