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Bureaucracy is an...
Administrative system built on the appointment to administrative posts of specialists in such work- a highly refined division of labour – Cuff
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It is a way of
Organising authority
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A bureaucracy is capable of attaining...
The highest degree of efficiency and it is this that makes it the best way of exercising authority over human beings
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Involves the concentration of
Administrative expertise within the structure
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In theory administrative decision making in a
Bureaucracy should be superior due to the highly refined division of labour where specialists are appointed to roles
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Bureaucracy develops out of..
Instrumental action- acting in such a way to obtain the best outcome through the most efficient manipulation of our means
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Bureaucracy develops out of..
Formal rationality- basis for the formulation of rules, regulations and laws
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Weber felt that once bureacracy was established it was..
Among the hardest insitutions to destroy
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He felt the rationalisation that dominated all aspects of bureaucratic life was..
A threat to individual liberty
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Rational calulcations reduces..
Everyway worker to a cog in this bureaucratic machine
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Weber was aware that it would be possible for
The political leader to be at the mercy of the adminstration
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Therefore Weber saw the need for a
"Strong, determined visionary leader in a democratic society who can counter the strength of the bureaucracy”
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Weber saw a problem with "moneyed elites"
Those with wealth are are able wield power over bureaucratic agencies through donations in exchange for titles
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Bureaucracy means the highly refined division of labour which results in..
The concentration of knowledge in the hands of experts and an Inflexibel and impersonal character of various rules and regulations
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Weber described a bureaucracy as an "iron cage" meaning
There was a lack of adaptability
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The more bureaucratised a society is..
The less scope for personal relations and spontaneity
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Bureaucracy develops the more it is..
Dehumanized- the more it succeeds in eliminating from official business all purely personal, irrational and emotional elements from calculations
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The efficient nature of a bureaucracy makes it incompatible with democracy
As it does not allow space for debate/conslulation
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Technical issues are favoured over..
Moral/ethical ones
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Bureaucracies can become..
Inefficient and and irrational over time (NHS- cutting of treatments)
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It puts power in the hands of "experts" rather than..
Those we elect
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Weber felt as a bureacracy develops..
The governed tend to accept its authority
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It is a way of


Organising authority

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A bureaucracy is capable of attaining...


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Involves the concentration of


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In theory administrative decision making in a


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