Buddhuist Facts

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What are the Three Jewels?
The three things the Buddha takes refuge in, and look toward for guidance.
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What makes up the Three Jewels?
The Buddha, The Dharma and The Sangha
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What is The Buddha?
The Buddha refers to the actual Buddha and the idea of Buddism itself. The Buddha is the spiritual guide, and the enlightened one
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What is The Dharma?
The Dharma means the teachings of the Buddha, or the truth he understood. Literally translated, it means meditated truth.
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What is The Sangra?
The Sangra refers to the people with who we share our spiritual lives. The Sangra is about helping others and equality.
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What are the Four Nobel Truths?
All life involves suffering (Dukkha), The origin of suffering is craving(Tanha), the end of the suffering(Nirodha) and the Eight Fold path is the end of suffering.
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What is the Eight Fold Path?
The Eight Fold Path are steps one should follow in Buddhism. They aren't about self indulgence, but also not about severe self discipline.
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What are these eight steps?
Right Understanding, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration
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What do these steps lead to?
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What are the three aspects of Buddhist life?
Wisdom (prajna), Morality(sila) and Mental Training(samadhi)
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What is Karma?
Karma are actions that influence ones future
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What is Samara?
Samara is the cycle of death, birth and rebirth
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What are the Three Poisons?
Greed, Hatred and Ignorance
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What are the two main branches of Buddhism?
Mahayana and Theravada
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Where is Theravada popular?
Southern Asia, e.g. Thailand
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What is the underlying basis of Theravada Buddhism?
That each individual is responsible for their own actions
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What is a devour Theravada Buddhuist called?
A Monk
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Where is Mahayana popular?
Northern Asia, e.g. China
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What do Mahayana Buddhists believe?
That religious growth can be nurtured through the help of others
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What branch is most popular?
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What are the other two types of Buddism?
Zen Buddism and Tibetan Buddism
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