Buddhist Psychology

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The triple gem
Buddha- historic founder, lineage- teaching passed down in unbroken tradition/ Dharma- teacher- origin of word 'thing'/ Sangha- Community
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Four noble truths
Dukkha- suffering, unsatisfactory/ Origin from wanting things to be different/ Cessation of Dukkha- end to suffering= nirvana/ Path to cessation of Dukkha
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Noble eightfold path
Wisdom, Conduct, Concentration
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Three marks of existence
Dukkha, Aricca and Anitya- God's are mortal and subject to suffering/ Anatta and Anatman- individuals- karma
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No concept of 'me'
All about output/ identify with 'absolute'/'all'= suffering makes no sense as a concept
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Hinduism- Maharishi
Transcendental Meditation =Crazy relaxed, 70s innit
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The five Skandhas
Elements of conciousness- Form (perception of the thing), Feeling (gut reaction to form, bottom-up), Perception (association with pre-existing knowledge, top-down), Mental formation (mental disposition), Conciousness (narrative, self invested
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Conciousness as opposed to prajna
Wisdom/clear seeing
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Using the 4 noble truths as treatment- Diagnosis
Dukkha- suffering
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Craving, lust, selfishness
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Cure is possible
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Remedy- Sila/ Samadhi/ Prajna
Ethics/ Pure mind/ Wisdom
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Equanimity- Upeksha
Taking everything in your stride
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Unconditioned existence
Don't react in conditioned way
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Book of origin
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24 Paccayas
Ways that things can be conditioned by other things
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Three bitter roots
Greed, hatred and delusions
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Mental disorders
three bitter roots manifest themselves as disorders in relation to paccayas- cultivate opposite characteristics
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See world through three sweet roots!
Clarity of mind, unobscured
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Presence of mind/ attentiveness
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Four foundations of mindfulness
body, feelings, mind, mental objects
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Jon Kabat-Zinn
Zen/ Yoga
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Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
10 week program/ weekly 2 and a half hour session
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Chiesa and Serretti
MBSR- increase in mindfulness and reduction of stress
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Mindfulness (4)
State, Trait- attachment type?, Process, Practice
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Murphy and Donovan
Physiological effects- Cardio-vascular/ metabolic effects
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Attentional mechanisms
memory/ attention/ reduced attentional blink deficit
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Eberth and Sedlmeier
discrimination between MBSR and 'pure' mindfulness
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Davis and Hayes
Emotion Regulation/ big differences in therapists
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Teasdale et al
Reduction in depression relapse- 78%- 36%
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Christian critique
Against suspension of judgement
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Hickey's critique
Commodification of mindfulness
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Carrette and King
New age/ contemporary religion commodifies religion
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Four noble truths


Dukkha- suffering, unsatisfactory/ Origin from wanting things to be different/ Cessation of Dukkha- end to suffering= nirvana/ Path to cessation of Dukkha

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Noble eightfold path


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Three marks of existence


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No concept of 'me'


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