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2. Which is the meaning of Anatta?

  • Impermanence
  • Suffering is caused by greed and selfishness
  • No separate self
  • Suffering is part of life

3. What is a mantra?

  • A community of Buddhists
  • A type of worship
  • A word or phrase to aid concentration
  • A type of robe

4. What do the pig, cockerel, and snake at the centre or the wheel of Samsara represent?

  • The three poisons- ignorance (pig), greed (cockerel) and anger (snake)
  • The cycle of Karma
  • The three marks of existence-Anicca (pig) Anatta (cockerel) and Dukkha (snake)
  • The states of a human mind

5. Why do Buddhists wash statues of the Buddha when they visit temples?

  • Because it represents how the Buddha cleared his mind of tanha and reached enlightenment
  • Because it keeps the statues clean
  • Because it helps them concentrate when mediating
  • Because it reminds them of Anatta


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