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2. Which of the following best describes the margin of safety?

  • Actual sales plus break even units
  • Revenue equals expenditure
  • Actual sales minus break even units
  • Revenue plus expenditure

3. Describe the purpose of a statement of financial position (balance sheet)

  • To predict the financial position of the business
  • To show the financial position of a business at a point in time
  • To show what a business owns

4. The business sell books for £12 each. They cost £5 to make. The fixed costs are £735. Calulate the break even

  • 105 books
  • £105
  • 795 books
  • £795

5. What is the formula for working capital?

  • Current assets/ current liabilites
  • Current liabilites/Current assets
  • Current assets – current liabilites
  • Current assets + current liabilites



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