British Politics

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1. Who did the electorate resent for the conditions of the 1930s?

  • They had means-tested all and any benefits.
  • They'd pursued appeasement.
  • All of these options.
  • They'd pursued laissez-faire policies during the depression.
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2. What did Beveridge argue was necessary to maintain his reforms?

  • A Welfare State.
  • All of these options.
  • An NHS.
  • Full employment.

3. What role had Herbert Morrison had during the War Cabinet?

  • Home Secretary.
  • Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Minister for Munitions.
  • Foreign Secretary.

4. When was the Beveridge Report written?

  • 1942
  • 1943
  • 1945
  • 1940

5. What role did Ernest Bevin had during the War Cabinet?

  • Minister for Labour.
  • Minister for War.
  • Minister for Munitions.
  • Deputy Prime Minister.


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