British Foreign Affairs 1902 to 1916 (Balfour's and Liberal Governments)

1. what WAS NOT a cause of the end of Britain's 'Splendid Isolation'?

  • Russian interests in China and Balkans
  • Britain's Naval Race with Germany
  • The Suffragette Movement
  • German construction of the Kiel Canal
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2. A term of the Anglo Japanese Alliance (1902) was

  • to build a bridge between Japan and China
  • to defend Germany
  • that one country would aid the other if one of them was attacked by two other countries
  • of its enactment if the Russian-Japanese War broke out

3. the Foreign Secretary under the Liberal Governments of C-Bannerman and Asquith

  • John Fisher
  • Churchill
  • Edward Grey
  • Marcus
  • Asquith

4. Which politician was most attached to the policy of Splendid Isolation?

  • Campbell-Bannerman
  • Sailisbury
  • Disraeli
  • Churchill

5. in 1906 who had the lead in the manufacture of Dreadnoughts

  • Britain- it had 1
  • Germany- it had 20
  • Austria- it had 3
  • Italy- it had 4


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