Britain 1900-1951 Dates

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Taff Vale decision
1901- Set the precedent that unions could be sued for damages caused by the strike. This encouraged the growth of the Labour party. Nullified by the Trade disputes act of 1906.
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Balfour education act
1902 Contreversial act that gave more support to CoE and so bitterly opposed by other faiths however it did improve education levels long term whilst being a cause for short term disaster for Balfour
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Balfour as PM
1902-1905 Took over after Marquess of Salisbury. Governened poorly such as South Africa chinese mining incident, Irish land act, Education act, split policy for tariffs and the earlier Taff Vale decision. Called a early election
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Liberal landslide
1906 Liberals won a landslide vistory giving them a powerful mandate for social change headed by Campbell Bannerman
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Constitutional crisis
1910-1911 Lords wouldnt pass the budget which was unprecedented so Liberals threatended flooding the lords with liberals or abolishing them as a whole
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Sinn Fein set up
1905 Didnt take their seat in parliment. Irish nationalists that wanted to be a united Ireland
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Campbell Bannerman as PM`
1906-1908 With a young and dynamic cabinet such as Asquith, DLG and Churchill the liberals set upon a period of social reform such as free school meals, children act 1908, OAP 1908 etc
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Emily Davison becomes feminist martyr
1913 At Epsom Davison threw herself infront of the king's horse which rallied many suffragettes and made suffragism even more of a national ussues
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Irish land act
1903 Contreversial act as it
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Curragh mutiny
1914 British Officers refused to attack UVF which caused a large controversy
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National Insurance
1911 This gave money to those when they became too ill to work got injured. It wasent fully comprehensive in the slightest however it was helpful and it could be said to be one of the first steps towards the welfare state along with Old age pensions
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1908 Gave £12 a annum to pensioners. 960,000 people claimed the pension by 1914
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National union of womens suffrage societies
1897 non violent Suffragists organisation led by Millicent Fawcett and split with the violent Suffragettes in 1903 when the WSPU formed
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Womens social and political union
1903 split with the NUWSS and led by the Pankhursts. their activitys included post box campaigns, hunger strikes, fire bombing DLG's house, illegally voting, disturbing a parliment meeting
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Annie Kennedy and Christabel Pankhurst arrested for distrubing a parliment meeting
1905 Demanded to know if a liberal government would enfranchise women
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Votes for women published for the first time
1907 WSPU newspaper with a circulation of 30,000 by 1910
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First hunger strikes held
1909 WSPU tactic that infleunced the creation of the 1913 cat and mouse act
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Post box campaign
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Fabian society founded
1884 By Beatrice Webb and Sydney Webb. They were a group that formed the labour party
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Labour Representation Committee
1900 Amalagamtion of groups such as the Co-operative society, the Fabians and others however they all had different aims which meant they had trouble deciding their values
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National committee of organised labour for old age pensions
1898 campaign group that was successful in 1908
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Childrens act
1908 Stopped kids from working in dangerous trades, established juvinile centres, stopped sale of cigs to kids
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Triple alliance amalgamation
1914 Mining industry, railwaymen and transport joined
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Tonypandy Coal strike
1910 Coal strike which was contreversially ended by Churchill bringing in the military to end the strike
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Chamberlain launches his tariff reform league
1903 An influential Conservative wanted tariff reform however this split the conservative party & the country
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Trade boards bill (sweated industry)
1909 Set a engorcable minuimen wage in specified industrys
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Mines act
1912 strike starting in Alfreton caused gov to implement a minuimen wage
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National Transport workers federation
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Rowntrees York survey
1901 Found that levels of poverty in YOrk were 66%
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National efficiency becomes common
1902 Idea of eugenics was heavily touted as being a good idea
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First state maternity clinic
1907 Liberal reform aimed to reduce the youth mortality rate
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Childrens charter (medical inspections)
1906 act that allowed medical inspections however they couldnt actually receive treatment for this until 1912
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Lords reject home rule
1883 and 1886
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Bonar Law visits Blenheim Palace to declare his support for Ulster
1912 this supported the UVF and validated them
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British forces open fire on Dublin crowd due to Nationalist gun running
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WSPU receive government subsidy for promoting the war
1915 The Pankhursts placed the war effort ahead of the suffragette cause which was a major factor in their enfranchisement
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Entente Cordiale
1904 the solidifacation of Anglo-French relations
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Aliens act
1905 restricted immigration due to there being a influx of Jewish immigrants fleeing from Russian persecution
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Unemployed workmen act
1905 An act that subsidised employment to reduce unemployment
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Conciliation bill
1910 A private members bill that was pushed forward to enfranchise women however it failed due to fear from mp's the new women wouldnt vote for their partys or that poor women wouldnt receive the vote
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Osborne judgement
1909 Decided that Trade unions couldnt make donations to partys -which the Labour party were dependent on-
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Asquiths coalition
1915-1916 Asquith formed a coalition during the war to reduce pressure on him and bring conservatives into the fold. Labour joined as well but were limited to the minister of education
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Lloyd Georges coalition
Formed after Bonar Law and many liberal mp's made clear they'd support DLG rather than Asquith
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Peacetime coalition
1918-1922 DLG continued the coalition after the war as he didnt have enough liberal support as the party was divded between DLG and Asquith.
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Representation of the people act
1918 Enfranchised men over 21 and women over 30 that were rich
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Anglo-Irish treaty
1921 established the republic of ireland
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1920 Communist party of GB formed
1920 In 1922 they had two members elected as a part of the labour party
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Bonar Law as PM
1922-1923 Won the election due to the left vote being split between liberals and labour. When he became too ill to continue Baldwin took over and called a election.
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MacDonald as PM
1924 Labour supported free trade in the election making them popular. People were put off the liberals by the petty politics that they had overseen.
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Restoration of the Gold Standard
1925 Churchill as Chancellor of the Exchequer. made exports more deer to other countrys thereby making them less desireable. Went off the gold standard by 1929
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General strike
1926 The miners were unhappy with wage cuts due to a lack of investment and modernisation leading to business becoming unprofitable -as shown by 100 bankruptcies between 1921-1925-. Gov took a hard line and much of public was sympathetic.
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Baldwin as PM
1924-1929 Following the Zinoviev letter and the vote of confidence miscalcualtion from Macdonald Baldwin won the election
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Flapper act
1928 Extended the vote to all people over 21
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Macdonald as PM
1929-1931 Took over at the time of the financial crisis and unlike Labour he and his Chancellor wanted to implement a policy of austerity to save money which led to him splitting with labour and forming the national government.
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Chanak Crisis
1922 Foreign policy crisis that indicated DLG's willingness to enter war again thereby ending his premiership as public opinion quickly changed
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Wall Street Crash
1929 Economic crash that caused trouble worldwide and made Macdonald consider national government. led to 69% unemployment in Jarrow
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Neville Chamberlain proposes 4 year plan
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The Widows Orphans and Old Age Pensions act
1925 An extension to previous acts and a continuation of social reform however in this instnace instead by a conservative government.
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Kellog Briand Pact
1928 A pact that decided that war shall not be used to settle debates
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Government of Ireland Act
1920 4th Home rule bill that was disrupted instead by an independence
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Wheatley housing act
1924 Built 460,000 new houses to satisfy post war demand and expand the economy
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Locarno pact
1925 Established the Western frontiers of the country of Germany and negotiated Frances exit of the Rhineland
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League of Nations
1920 This increased diplomatic relations between countrys with the intention of avoiding war
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Workhouses closed down
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Married woman allowed on councils
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Care of mothers and young children act
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The Invergordon mutiny
1931 a wage cut to the navy led to 2 battleships mutinying causing a run on the pound and the end of the gold standard
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Agriculteral marketing act
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Trade disputes act
1927 In response to general strike it banned strikes to pressure government and secondary striking
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Unemployment insurance act
1921 Ruled that females and under 18's were to receive les unemployment benfits then men
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Maurice debate
1918 General Maurice claimed DLG embellished troop numbers in the war however dlg pointed out that these figures were from maurices department. maurice supported by asquith causing large split in the party that caused much damage
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National government
1933-1939 Formed by Macdonald and Snowdon contained mainly Torys. Implemented austerity due to economic crisis
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Macdonald as PM
1931-1935 Ended free trade and was considered at the mercy of the conservative party whilst completely isolated from the Labour party who considered him a traitor
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Abdication crisis
1936 Wallis Simpson a american divorcee was wanted by the king for marriage however Baldwin managed to convince him that this would be untenable as he was the head of church and emperor of the dominions causing the king to abdicate
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British Union of Facists
1932 Group formed by Mosley that got considerable support from many quarters until the world war when they were banned
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Economic crisis
1931 caused by the 1929 Wall street crash
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Baldwin as PM
1935-1937 Promised no rearmenant however secretly rearmed wary of the threat that germany posed
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the Munich crisis
1938 Chamberlain appeased Hitler and allowed Hitler to take parts of Czechozlavakia if he promised that would sate his terratorial desires
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Neville Chamberlain as PM
1937-1949 Rembered mostly for appeasemtn, lack or rearmenant and the Phoney war
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Abnormal importations act
1931 Allowed for tariffs of 100% to be put on some products to encourage trade in the empire
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Holidays with pay act
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Special areas act
1932 Gave a share of cash to the areas with the highest unemployment rates such as to South Wales and Tside
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Milk act
1934 Gave Milk to kids at school to help lack of nutrition
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Import duties act
1932 general 10% tariff on most imports
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Factory act
1937 Consolidated earlier acts
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Education age raised to 15
1944 Butler education act
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Poverty and Progress published
1936 second Rowntree report showed more work to be done
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Jarrow Crusade
1936 High unemployment of up to 69% caused them to march from Tside to London
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Public order act
1936 Banned groups wearing their own political clothing such as the blackshirts
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The Phoney War
1939-1940 the period in the war where little happened of note
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Beveridge report published
1942 Recommended much change to rid the country of the five evils
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NHS set up
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Fuel crisis
1947 caused popoulation to lose opinion of labour party and helped conservative victory of 1950. Also was a factor to the devaluation of the £
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Prescrition charges introduced
1951 Went against the morals of the NHS and infuriated many labour
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National insurance act
1946 Acting on beveridge report to help rid the 5 evils
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USA Loan
1946 loan of £3750b
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Convertability crisis
1947 Keynes negotiating leads to redone terms of repayment
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Devaluation of the £
1949 As a result of loan repayments, the fuel crisis the pound was devalued
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Family allowances act
1945 Proposed by the beveridge report it gave child benifits
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Barlow report
1940 declared more housing was needed kicking off the new town movement with new towns such as stevenage and mk
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Post war problems committee
1941 Devised to look into post war problems
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Butler education act 1944
1944 Made leaving age 15
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