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Comparative psychology
Other species- dogs with depression starving themselves when they're owner dies
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3 explanations for mental distress
Somatogenic- arises from body/ psychogenic- arises from brain/ sociogenic- arises from social circumstance or spirituality
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Somatogenic and sociogenic= spiritual treatment
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Presentism vs historicist approach
pointing out progression- tool for justifying present practices
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Emil Kreapelin
Dementia Praecox= sz/ Manic depressive psychosis= bi-polar
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Notes on behaviour
not what happened to people
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History important
concepts change due to power relations, social pressures and ideologies/ avoid mistakes/ causal models link to treatments/ how we reached current ideas
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Lobotomy based on somatogentic model- dismantle frontal lobe
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South- East Asia
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Primitive or closer to nature
considered less likely as lesser capacity for higher thought
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Anthropological studies
Physical differences across racial groups
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Emic-etic paradigm- Etic
'experience distant approach'- standardised categories/ compare cultures objectively/ assume form of problem is the same
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Cross culture study of sz
diagnosis outcome worse in Asia and Africa/ Non-western- less symptoms but functional remission worse- can't maintain social network or employment
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Attachment with parents and narcissism
United Arab Emirates- rich/ poor attachment/ more narcissistic than Hope uni students but may have interpreted questions differently or have different perceived socially normative answers
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Emic research
'experience- near approach'- understand cultural meaning of experiences/ account respected without intervention or standardisation/ continuity between ordinary and unusual
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Luhrmann et al
what voices mean in different cultures- both good and bad voices/ range of tones/ all cultures- hearing God/ dislike of voices or feeling assaulted
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Identity either God or unknown/ voices often threatening/ asking to hurt self or others/ sign of illness
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voice of relatives- scolding/ advice/ commanding to do tasks- positive!
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human like spirits- even more positive
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Culture specific syndromes
Koro- Asia, India, outbreak in Sudan/ Dissociative Identity Disorder- multiple personalities common across all cultures
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Cromby et al
cultural movement rather than disorder
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culturally acceptable?
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Non-western= somato-psychic (somatic symptoms cause mental disorders)/ Western- psycho-somatic (mental illness results in somatic symptoms)/ physical symptoms without organic causes= both
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Collectivist culture- blaming distress on somatic symptoms- balance and harmony in social ties
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3 explanations for mental distress


Somatogenic- arises from body/ psychogenic- arises from brain/ sociogenic- arises from social circumstance or spirituality

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Presentism vs historicist approach


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