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6. Which process suggests that the partners break up then prepare different stories for different audiences?

  • Grave-dressing process
  • Resurrection process

7. Who developed the investment model?

  • Thibaut and Kelly
  • Rustbult and Van Lange
  • Rollie and Duck
  • Walster

8. What is the Intrapsychic Process?

  • Individual starts to question relationship, resent and brood on partner's faults
  • Partners break up then prepare different stories for different audiences
  • Individual's uncertainties and anxieties regarding the relationship grow
  • individual will seek out peers for support

9. Which study found relationship therapy improves 2 thirds of relationship's quality?

  • Rusbult and Van Lange
  • Christensen et al.
  • Buckhurst et al.

10. Who suggests economic theories Cannot be applied to collects cultures as these theories look at the selfish aspects of relationships and collectivist cultures rely on values such as the greater good?

  • Moghaddam
  • Rollie and Duck
  • Rustbult and Van Lange
  • Thibaut and Kelly

11. Rollie and Duck developed which study?

  • Equity Model
  • Breakdown Model
  • Social Exchange Model
  • Investment Model