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2. What is the Intrapsychic Process?

  • individual will seek out peers for support
  • Partners break up then prepare different stories for different audiences
  • Individual starts to question relationship, resent and brood on partner's faults
  • Individual's uncertainties and anxieties regarding the relationship grow

3. Rollie and Duck developed which study?

  • Breakdown Model
  • Social Exchange Model
  • Equity Model
  • Investment Model

4. What did Tashio and Frazier find out?

  • Recently broke up undergraduates experienced personal distress and growth
  • Relationship therapy improves 2 thirds of relationship's quality

5. Which process suggests that individual will seek out peers for support?

  • Grave-dressing process
  • Social Process
  • Intrapsychic process
  • Dyadic Process


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