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2. What is figured bass?

  • A harpsichord playing a bass line and filling out improvised melodies
  • A bassist who really knows what they're doing
  • A bass line written with numbers which signal the chords to accompany the bass
  • An upright bass played with a bow

3. Who were the Brandenburg Concertos dedicated to?

  • Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg
  • King Ludwig IV of Brandenburg
  • Princess Anne
  • Napolean Bonaparte

4. What are terraced dynamics?

  • Soft when texture is thin and loud when texture is thick
  • Always loud dynamics
  • Only soft when another instrument is soloing
  • Always loud dynamics, except when the harpsichord is playing

5. What is the key of this piece?

  • E minor
  • D major
  • F major
  • Bb major


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