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2. Which side is the rostral?

  • Towards the top of the head.
  • Towards the front of the face.
  • Away from the middle of the face.
  • Towards the back of the face.

3. what is the function of motor neurons?

  • send axons to the mouth to enable taste.
  • send axons to muscle to make it contract or extend
  • send axons to the nose to enhance smell
  • send axons to the dorsal stream to enhance vision

4. in the membrane potential, what will the internal side be measured as in relation to the external side?

  • they will be measured the same
  • negative
  • positive

5. What is Agnosia?

  • Inability to recognise objects and people.
  • Incorrectly pronounces names/ objects/ people.
  • Seeing your reflection and thinking it is someone else.
  • Inability to Generate well learned acts eg. getting dressed.


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