Brain and Behaviour, psychology 101

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1. what are the characteristics of a bipolar neuron?

  • single axon and single dendrite
  • single axon and no dendrite
  • single axon and multiple dendrites
  • multiple axons and multiple dendrites
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2. Which other internal ion maintains the cell negativity?

  • A- protein ions.
  • K+ potassium ions.
  • Ca- calcium ions.
  • C2+ carbon ions.

3. Which of these is NOT a stage a neuron goes through when it acts as signalling units?

  • they decide whether to fire or nor
  • they then send the information out
  • they process and store the information
  • they receive information in

4. what happens in the postsynaptic terminal?

  • pockets of neurotransmitters are released into the synaptic cleft and float to the postsynaptic membrane
  • the potassium gates close
  • the vesicle is released
  • the sodium channels open

5. when the stereocilia are bent in one direction, tip links stretch and do what?

  • open ion channels
  • close entry to the neurons
  • close ion channels
  • pass on impulses through motor neurons


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