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2. what are the characteristics of a unipolar neuron?

  • many axons, many dendrites
  • one axon, no dendrites
  • many axons, one dendrite
  • one axon, one dendrite

3. which of these did the case of D.F NOT show?

  • couldn't recognise faces or discriminate between objects
  • struggled with grasping
  • acting without perceving
  • struggled with copying

4. what is another name for the presynaptic area?

  • Douton
  • Mouton
  • Bouton
  • Pouton

5. When do on-centre cells have increased firing rates?

  • When the body is outdoors
  • When they are illuminated in the centre only
  • When they are mylinated
  • When they are illuminated outside the centre


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