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Clement Attlee
Prime Minister
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Ernest Bevin
Foreign Secretary
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Herbert Morrison
Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council
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Hugh Dalton
Chancellor of the Exchequer
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Sir Stafford Cripps
President of the Board of Trade
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When did Attlee come to power?
26th July 1945
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How many seats did Labour win?
393 seats with an overall majority of 147
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Why wasn't Churchill reelected? (Quote by P. Addison)
'Churchill was thought of as a great man rather than a party politician" (The Road to 1945 by P. Addison)
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Wartime Britain served as...
a test-bed for social reform (The Road to 1945 by P. Addison)
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Why was Conservatism unpopular?
Policy offerings were no longer relevant and only changed when they were defeated. Broken Promises that followed the First World War. Feared mass unemployment.
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The Tories had lost...
four by elections between 1943-1945
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The Tories relied on...
Churchill being "the man who won the war"
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What was a big concern of the working class and a priority of Labour?
Housing. It was low on the list of the Conservative's priorities.
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What was nationalised?
Bank of England, Coal, Electricity and the Railways between 1946-48.
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When did the NHS become operational?
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What was nationalised in 1951?
Iron and Steel
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How many houses were built by Labour?
One million
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How did Propaganda help?
Propaganda in support of the Russian war effort had convinced many voters that Socialism could be managed - Labour seen as British Socialism.
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Labour became the main opposition when...
The Liberals had been reduced to a tiny number of MPs.
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Labour had demonstrated..
Capability for government during the War.
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How many employees were transferred to state control?
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What 1942 report helped Labour?
Beveridge Report
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Churchill's scare tactics...
misjudged the mood of the electorate, making him look childish and pathetic
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Education Act & family Allowance Act
1944, gave child benefits to families of two or more children. All pupils had to stay on at school until the age of 15
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White Papers on Education, Health, Employment & Insurance
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Industrial Injuries, National Insurance & National Assistance Acts
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What was the Beveridge Report
revealed the extent of poverty in Britain and identified the 5 Giant Evils – Want, Disease, Idleness, Squalor and Ignorance
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The Industrial Injuries Act
gave compensation to workers who suffered injuries in the workplace.
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National Assistance Act (1948)
made further provision for the most vulnerable in society: the disabled, infirm and elderly.
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NHS became a...
tax-payers’ burden, costing 358 million per year by 1950, including 7 million per month on prescription charges alone.
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11 plus test...
created a socially divisive tri-partite system of ‘Grammar’, ‘Secondary Modern’ and ‘Technical’
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Due to bombing in WW2 there was a...
shortage of housing
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Bevan sorted out the lack of housing by building...
council houses
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New Towns Act (1946)
helped reduce overcrowding in the cities
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The Labour Government took an...
an ‘interventionist’ role in tackling Britain’s social problems and attempted to establish a Welfare State.
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‘Money ought not to stand in the way of obtaining an efficient health service.’
- Bevan
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Some historians criticise the Labour reforms for being...
too ambitious, costly and inefficient.
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