Boys and Achievement

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1. Francis argued that..?

  • Most pupils thought that female teachers treated boys more harshly
  • Two-thirds of 7-8 year olds believed that teacher gender didn't matter
  • 64% of primary school students said they would rather be taught by a male teacher
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2. Mitos and Browne argued that..?

  • The workplace has become more feminised and there for boys' are experiencing a crisis of masculinity
  • A decline in male employment oppertunities has lead to an identity crisis for men
  • An increase in traditional male job oppertunities has increased boys' self esteem and motivation

3. Francis claimed that..?

  • Boys are more likely to be labelled as swots, so naturally try to avoid this by horsing around in class
  • Boys were more concerned than girls about being labelled by peers as swots because it was more of a threat to their masculinity
  • Boys are more worried about being labelled as 'yobs' than girls, and so focus attention on school-work

4. How have boys' leisure pursuits influenced achievement?

  • Football and computer games have helped to aid boys' visual learning, increasing achievement
  • Activities such as football and playing computer games have done little to develop language skills
  • Reading and creative tasks are typical activities of boys, and have therefore developed language skills

5. Who claimed that laddish culture was becoming increasingly more widespread and why?

  • Francis - because females are getting careers and males respond by over-exaggerating thier masculinity
  • Cohen - because of a lack of male role models both in the family and at school
  • Baker - because the education is becoming over-feminised and boys respond by playing up to their masculinity




Really good and helpful to find out what I didn't know and needed to revise :)

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