Boys and Achievement

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1. What has a shortage of male primary teachers led to?

  • Girls being favourited by other female teachers
  • A lack of a strong postive male rolemodels both at school and at home
  • A feminised education system
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2. Sewell argued that..?

  • Education is very masculine, celebrating qualities such as competitivenss and leadership, leading to boys' doing well
  • Education has become feminised and schools do not nurture 'masculine traits' and instead celebrate qualities associated with girls
  • Middle class boys are more likely to be harrassed if they appear to be 'swots'

3. Who claimed that laddish culture was becoming increasingly more widespread and why?

  • Baker - because the education is becoming over-feminised and boys respond by playing up to their masculinity
  • Francis - because females are getting careers and males respond by over-exaggerating thier masculinity
  • Cohen - because of a lack of male role models both in the family and at school

4. The gender gap is a result of...

  • Boys' literacy and language skills (parents spend less time reading to their sons)
  • Boys' tendency to turn to alcohol at a younger age
  • Girls are more acedemically gifted as a result of biology

5. Francis argued that..?

  • Two-thirds of 7-8 year olds believed that teacher gender didn't matter
  • 64% of primary school students said they would rather be taught by a male teacher
  • Most pupils thought that female teachers treated boys more harshly



Really good and helpful to find out what I didn't know and needed to revise :)

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